Enter The Red Dragon

by Megamegaman

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Megamegaman finally releases his debut LP on Subfriction Records. After years of gigging, writing and producing over 3 countries and even more genres, he finally brings together a collection of music which very accurately describes the man behind the name.
From being a young menace and getting grounded, to a grown man's perception of modern government and society, the album is both maturely thought out and written, yet performed with a childlike, care-free attitude. A great first step to take, and one that will surely leave a massive footprint.


released July 12, 2013

All tracks written and produced by Megamegaman at Kami House except 07, 11 produced by Shamus and 08 produced by MacKenzie



all rights reserved


Subfriction Records Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: No I Can't
I was gonna start by saying that people tell me I couldn't do things
but I'd be lieing, tongue acrobat, I roll with crew a kings
I'm like a beat with a swing, don mega you know I'll rap about anything
like it ain't no thing, I'll even spit while dorothy moore sings
I'm fly without wings, it's why I'm down with the deadlife
I'm at mackenzie levels of skill not being recognised
I came with that weird hype, dirty drift piff type
spend time with my girl and my rhymes I do em both right
i wanted to travel the world, and now I done that
I moved to glasgow and now my boys run that
we're 6 deep, we leavin you one foot deep each
and if you ain't cheap, kid robotik will sell you beats
I didn't start to rap the second I spoke
I picked up a crayon, then I studied the art form and I wrote
and it was straight dope, way back in my crib I samped mobile tones
now I spit over beats, we play on mobile phones
can't riddle a kidder, sting like cut fingers in vinegar
forget ya silent mode I'm like a cinema sinner
that came to bring a, lack of respect
you better expect success from don mega next, I'm blessed
like rappers, that tell me they diggin my tunes
but I'm still like yeah, i know brother, what else is new?
I'm so unique, if you roll three freaks deep
I'm still more unique than you you or you be
Track Name: Fake In Flight
I diversed like what you heard making up verbs
me and a biscuit with a cup of tea still dunk words
speak to outgeek a whole clique of nerds
but got enough seed to feed all of these birds
never came third, never tesco stacking
I'll never get gold or platinum, fuck rapping
what's happening, if you won one I'll win one two
like on the microphone I check one and check you too
that ain't beef, not Frankie or Benny
I'm so sweet, the ladies call me Ben .and Jerry
I'm very, known to need a moment on the lip
for her to want a lifetime of mega mega on her hip
another lucky dip, I brung a little bit of bliss to chicks
I'm hard as nails but hammers can't touch this
my business legit,
spitting more gifted than a kid's worth of Christmases
I live like this; in my brother's crib with a little bit
/fast forward/ I'm piercing lips
I'll make your whole fam witnessess
cos I can't remember my own quotables and instances
of wickedness, my mother told me bust
cos illness makes us stronger if it don't kill us
and I'm the trickiest kid with the sicknesses
I'll bring clicks to tears when I'm spittin' near
this year, I'll be the first rapper to bring vision this clear
and here's a souvenir
up for download, third episode
still burning style and future stealing like fresh mode
ugly duck turned mighty
getting uncle buck drunk nightly, it's unsightly
MCs either don't like or bite me, I stay tight
I take em lightly while they fake flight

they're tryna keep the sound out of sight but underground ain't fly
so I'll drop the mic from a great height and say goodnight
yo they fakin flight
can't fly with dragons if you can't flap your wings right
Track Name: Cowman
what you mean you don't know me? I rustled a whole ranch a ponies,
the man that hustled the sherrif and out muscled his cronies
rollin with the flow like yo abracadabra
still drop cadavers, I'm a legend like chupacabra
they hanging from the rafters cos I'm after them
snuff dogooders like candelabras cos I'm more fast than them
I'm just passing by on my steed, your town means nothing to me,
I'm a way-outlaw, I came to drink, fight, fuck and leave
and I'll make villains bleed
blowing smoke rings on the breeze like tumbleweeds
picture me plantin seeds, king of the wild fronteer,
with a cowgirl in a reverse cow girl, and a cold beer
I ride alone so better know that I came through to bust
slinging rhymes like this ain't big enough for two of us
so eat my dust, if you wanna survive this western
you better keep one eye your head and, one on my smith and wesson

I got TNT sticks with short wicks and bombs
to get men out of jail when they don't post their bail bonds
wild bull? na I'm that rodeo showman
I went to the shaman and he said this was my moment
I'm scoping for riches, chasing a gold rush
just tryna take what is mine like cold crush
in old rusty spurs and a dusty coat, trust
and no one cuss like the real wild west does
it's, bourbon on the rocks if you buying
or I'll take blood with my shots, then you dying
and quick stifling, I gotta do ten paces at noon
and I can't spend all day talking to you in the saloon
I'll flip a tuppeny bit whip out my pistol and shoot it
catch it my my glove and blow a smoke ring through it
so let's do it, see who first to make the blood flow
you just stepped into the dirt with a desperado
Track Name: No Matter
if I was deaf would you still tell me that you love me
would you still whisper sweet nothings into my ears when you hug me
and do it just for me, even if I couldn't hear it trust me
I could still feel the warmth of your breath against my neck as it touches me
and when we make love, would you still scream my name
even if my ears didn't work and the sound escaped in vain
I could still see your body flex, vibrate and then change
and I could feel your lung strain, ain't a stretch to guess what you're saying
so just stay close, cos I'll be relying
on you lioness, you're gonna have to roar for this lion
it'll be tough, I ain't denying that, won't know when you sighing
and you'll have to show me your tears, cos I won't hear you crying
I'll have the sound off, and that comes with some pros for sure
at least you won't have to pretend to laugh at my dumb jokes no more
I'll miss the sound of your laugh, I'll even miss your scorn
and I'll miss hearing you saying that you still love me the most of all

if i was a blind man would you still dress nice for me
even if you knew I was the only one in the room that would never see
and secretly, would you blow kisses to me I couldn't peep
or throw a hurricane of lips for me to catch and keep
staring into the deep my, darkness immutable
but I'd still have 4 other senses to tell me you're beautiful
babe would you wave to me, would you still dance when I put on a beat
would your cheeks still flush when I face your way and you're staring at me
even though I couldn't see, read menus to me, patiently
help me put a dog on a leash so i could pace my street
and would you send me visual signals daily
and a valentines card once a year written in Braille, calling me baby
hopefully, maybe, I'll remember you couldn't melt butter
and lately, lady still be letting her eyes flutter
at me, I'd rather be standing with you in the dark
than be able to see anything but be wondering where you are
Track Name: Tried To Build A Treehouse
Let me tell you somethin bout bein a kid
don't go to the disco to dance, I go there to skid
on my knees, and yo I rock the bluest jeans
bluer than my teacher's; on field trips, I've seen 'em
takin coach trips to rome for the coliseum
stressin over conkers that I really should have beaten
got in trouble at school cos I got caught cheating
I fell over at lunch time and my knees bleeding
I've got a Lion O thundercats action figure and I've got the Ecto-1
dreamt I had optimus prime, woke up, he was gone
but i put him top of my christmas list
with an asterix, and got my wish
my eyes satisfied when I spotted a girl
worth all the superhero comics in the world
her kisses tingle my lips like bubblegum bursts
but I haven't had that many cos we're holding hands first

I tried to build a tree house last spring but it didn't last
it fell down, so i dug a den under a hedge
but I knocked the fence down
that's why I'm not allowed out of the house except to go school now
I tried to build a tree house last spring but it didn't last
it fell down, so i dug a den under a hedge
but I knocked the fence down
that's why I'm not allowed out of the house except to go school now

if you like to play, yo i've got a swing set
I've been promised a slide, haven't got it yet
I wore out my beastie boys tape cassette
playin it on a fisher price tape deck
I've been catchin bees in jars with reflexes like mr miagi
cos on saturday I go and learn karate
running with my jeans hanging down around my knees
but remember, it's just because my mum hasn't seen me
dad let me taste a pint of beer, I didn't like it
granpa puts wet fingers in my ears, I don't like it
wear a false moustache that I got inside a spy kit
if i'm gonna go and see my friends I'll probably bike it
having a bit of trouble paying attention in lessons
cos none of my teachers can answer my questions
so I brought this matter to my teacher's attention
and, well that's how I got stuck in detention... again
Track Name: Biscuit Box
I don't know much about biscuits
but I dunk that shit, without the hot liquids
dough Romeo, mischievous soul like Opio
brown chicks want white in the middle like Oreos
custard creams, please, I make girls cuss and cream in dreams
when they dip and dunk they think of me
on that biscuit shtick, I came equipped
so you don't wanna get betwixt a Twix and this kid
I get high and scran cookies quite a lot
cookie monster couldn't understand the hunger I got
waste man, 20 a day habit? yeah, cups a tea
if pg tips good enough for monkeys then that's good enough for me
that's basically the basis
I can't get enough of these caramel waifs I stray with
even them things with the frosty bits
I couldn't eat a bunch but they worth a snack with

hands up, who in the room be packing biscuits
coping them symptoms, that sugary sickness
quick it's, the creamy filling in the middle fitness
I brung the biscuit box, you eye witness

I don't know if I mentioned my hunger
it's like your grandma seeing me wishing she was years younger
I'm back with a whole pack of linguistics
and enough tummy space to eat a whole packet a biscuits
this quick, I would risk it all for your bourbon creams
if you dance you ain't urban enough to be out serving me
your biscuits and tea
gingerbread men lose their heads under the heat like bitch please
I mean, rich teas, I'm on a biscuit steez
who can't believe you can enjoy a crunch with the cream?
you better send em to me, they got a deathwish
I got a def list of snacks better than digestives
fuck em if they seasonal or festive
if I can't get it all the time then I can't develop a fetish
so forget about lettuce, I choose the cookie way
eat them till I spit out my teeth and become a heavyweight
Track Name: Longevity ft. Kid Robotik
do you remember, it used to be about rhymes and producers
till hiphop got seduced by the snake haired medusa
style got turned to stone, they commercialised swagger
now if you're white they'll make you change your clothes and dress blacker
got rappers spitting on synths n i respect 303s
but I've heard beats like these and they go out of fashion next week
it's heartless, samplers carry on regardless
cos it's one gold record but it'll cost you an artist
like Marvin I'm, representing dropping soul classics
I used to read the source when rappers wore black Reebok jackets
with a fresh pair of white Asics,
I tried to match it, little boy, my look my was Jurassic,
so when I started spitting you know I picked Atlantic records
cos there were songs I loved when I was young I still remembered
and like my craft, hiphop started with a sample
now it's not so artful, but you gotta think glass half full

do you remember, they used to tell you 93's forever
now 20 years later, the mighty souls are still together
this goes way back, like flowin proto rappers
back before the soul sappers dropped their toe tappers
back before fresh prince fashion throwbacks
when record execs didnt mess to make their dough back
they used to be in it for the rap, now they in it for the cash
I recall simpler days, when some did it simply for the hash
s mad, haven't loved music since my first crush died
but then I never really believed in this life either
architect at the centre of my web ain't a spider
as a kid I rapped along to da rockwilder
I bleed lyrics, breathe snares and kicks
sat down in the basement with tapes at the age of six
with a taste for Memphis, now I dig that Motown emphasis
and 20 years later, looks like I'm still representing it
Track Name: Two Options ft. MacKenzie
I didn't come to spit that insignificant shit
so assimilate the style that I came to step with
I don't even know if it's right to do this
or whether the decisions we're about to make will get us through this
and I wish that I was overzealous
our government should make the other countries jealous
used to rule the world but look what befell us
some people only know what they're willing to tell us
I'm an intransigent, intolerant, idealist
I won't hesitate to reprimand a realist man
cos I'm blessed with the gift of thought
and that's why I'm quick to judge when words turn to force
I thought we fought for freedom and democracy
so why have we put the free in the minority?
I got a little problem with your authority
cos a vision of the future is haunting me

give a man a gun and call him a soldier
tell him a target is in the eye of the beholder
and tell him to discriminate
against anyone living in an arab state
remember that, and keep your tanks if you wanna attack
infact, take your whole army back
you know the injuries hurt but you don't really feel them
cos the friendly fire is just killing other people's children
Track Name: Modern Medicine
you better already be dead when I get there
heard you been scared, wishing me away in prayers
I won't mess with single hairs on your head,
I'll separate your knees from your legs while you lie in bed
that sledgehammer, tools look out for me like I'm looking out for cameras
kept my ear to the street and I heard you speak and stammer
brother better beware,
it's only gonna be more fun for me if you come prepared
starting all over, you stabbed me in the back and left a chip on my shoulder
heard you like skin but the street taste colder
I see how you're rolling
and I know the breeze you stroll in like Napoleon
I'm holding, all 52 cards plus the jokers
playing poker, you and your folk are my focus
I smoke em like I'm the dopest, they blunt weapons
toke em in a second so watch where they stepping

on that reversible jacket thing; you turncoat
turned scapegoat, I exercise my sacrificial right and take throats
I'm slenderman close
enemies smell pistol smoke like when I dropped ghost
from coast to coast, putting em up like posters
you couldn't change your fate even if you were supposed ta
ya know this, I'll give you fair warning bout my closeness
then I'll introduce your fam to who your ghost is
hopeless with the mostest, who kidding?
who thrilling? like Michael jack real smooth crim'ing
like back when Dragonball had a real smooth Krillin
I'm telling you my plans like a James Bond villain
but I'll stay and watch the killing, I'm sick that way
like dilated peoples you can't live that way
so better pray, make you wish you died yesterday
this is barbaric and mega will take your breath away
Track Name: Supe Dogg
people ask for my secret, I tell em that nobody knows,
I'm the hidden identity of the original super hero
and i can shoot lasers yo, fly and shit
and teleport your bitch to the moon in a split
second, or slip, into your base and drop ya henchmen
just to get your attention, and laugh at the way you dress them
ya best men next, suped up but they can't step
take em out in a sec, brother i hope that you prep
cos I haven't had a good battle since Lex
and these earth girls be too weak for us to have sex
that's why I'm strong and I'm vexed,
and comic authors still haven't thought up a criminal that could match me yet
little kids be dressing up like me
it's sweet, but grown men wearing my shirts be geeks
they wishing they me, them fanboys to DC
I still think Marvel got game, personally
butt I'd crossover to stomp wolverine
unless he got kyrptonite claws, he can't even touch me
I'm overpowered like that, they wanted me nerfed
cost when I was a baby I was the strongest man on earth
so you can bring a pen, and bring 10 of your most creative men
but the steel man won't bend
with my glasses off, you can't mess with greatness
been around since 32, you know I seen time changes
fuck power rangers, they upstarts
I'll crush all of them tarts, and no, the mega zords aren't
Bizarro got parred yo, and truth is,
even Alan Moore wouldn't have the balls to reboot this
I got them x ray lids and I've seen this
my franchise is fucking squeeky clean like hygenists
I mean it, ya boy red, yellow and blue
the dude who can look at your girl in the nude if he wants to

Supe Dogg, yeah I'm on top of this
birds and planes are not this in Metroplis
watch this kids, I'm smashing ya buildings
hunting bad guys and saving women and children
Track Name: The Real Thing ft. Kid Robotik & Shamus
Mate, I'm too old for this shit
I grew up in the days before video games were raising kids
age six, throwing bangers till they raised the limit
to sixteen in the bike shed and blazin in it
back before chocolate chip, cereal had raisin in it
I had game and physical ways with women
kiss chase for days, getting caught by ya best babe
when the fugly coming then you have to run away
fighting your best mate, little boys black and blue
but colour didn't matter just no girls in the crew
ya had to tell me the password to get through
but didn't go straight home after school, mum said to
she thought I was a bad boy, but that was nothing
as you eclipse it's funny how quick that's forgotten
I used to steal fruit just to watch it rot
but I got in a lot of trouble and I also learned one hello of a lot
Track Name: Hey Hey
hey hey/ baby you amaze
you make me want to say things
teach me the games you play
come through I say/ hey hey
and you can be my plaything
ain't talking golden plated rings
so never leave me waiting
hey hey/
biting your bottom lip
I put you on the guestlist
so are we about to split?
or do I wish?/ hey hey
you're beautiful, show it
your body runs through my fingers and mind, that's how I know it
hey hey/
babe you drive me crazy
tonight come be my lady, didn't come here for maybe
first impression struck me twice, I'm feeling years younger
your lightning's spell I'm under, follow you till call me thunder
hey hey/
No I won't mind my business
cos your fitness is absolutely ridiculous, I'm witless
hey hey/
be my Um Bongo
juicier than the Democratic Republic of Congo

Send a messenger to tell you that I wanna meet you in ascension
Send a messenger to tell you that I wanna meet you beautiful girl
Send a messenger to tell you that I wanna meet you in ascension
Send a messenger to tell you that I wanna meet you beautiful girl

hey hey/
you know I like your style
the way you dress profile
ain't seen feisty in a while
repping your mode like hey hey/
still looking fresh and wild
girl if you ain't hostile I won't jet till I make you smile
hey hey/
luckiest man in the world cos I'm
rapping bout the solid 9 other's would die to rhyme but couldn't find
hey hey/
cos you have been designed
it appears with hearts in mind, specifically mine
hey hey/
must have quit when they made you up
cos they'll never match your look in nips and tucks
no you don't need to wear your makeup baby,
just be there when I wake up
my heart beats to your rhythm, let's keep this pace up
hey hey/
I'm feeling drunk but sober
my roving days are over, it may not be October
but this is a hallowed eve and I came as Casanova
I'm sorry, I love your body baby bring it over
Track Name: Slay This Cadence
yeah I'm back, dropping free shit
definitely in the top three stink still sticks to this
like the smell of fear sticks to shitty bricks
I'm still coming harder than these finger clicking kids pump fists
when I'm travelling like Gulliver, spitting on a gully flex
lay down for black and white strategies on blocks like chess,
I'm free to be fresh, disembodied my head with a guillotine edge,
so I don't mind regrets
or give a fuck what's next, come proud like storm clouds
been cutting kicks and snares since you pissed with your pants down
so come close and get your nose painted red, clown
the same shade I paint my name in towns, touring sounds
my dogs bow down cos I train and tape 'em
microphone cords are like leashes but they unrestrain 'em
open their craniums, play a beat on any sample
I grip my leash tight and bark to lead by example

I don't destroy shit I change it
you haven't got the range to take aim and slay this cadence
I act blameless when I'm blatantly not
and if you hate you better be subliminally blocked
cos I could rap like blibbidy blop and change it
you haven't got the range to take aim and slay this cadence
I act blameless when I'm blatantly not
and if you hate you better be subliminally blocked

I'm a wandering man, keep step with the rhythm
anything my feet touch is my kingdom, it's that Simba wisdom
treading the globe leaving footprints, that's symbolism
aimlessly walking empty streets like the dead risen
escaped from my prison, and reborn to roam
I walk 500 miles to knock on doors then run away home
still getting by on the bus, still getting a buzz
dragon with a friend name puff who helps me to bust
hip hop's my best mate, in this I trust
and no crush could come between us, or any white dust
still dumb as fuck, like peter pan I never grew up
ain't talking bout spewing when I say I threw up
so call me two can, seventh dan the rock man
full of more pharmaceuticals than Boots and Houlihans
fuck these hooligan kids, fighting fresh from the uterus
you what the future is, old, dark and humorous
Track Name: Oopsie Daisy (bonus track)
I dropped another beat like oopsie daisy
don't run come save me, I'm picking them up lately
I'm not short on small talk, like Rich Madeley
it's dark but I wanna to live again like George Bailey
been like a re up in the rap game since year dot
it's a queer thought, but no homo so fear not
I got some of that new cheesy stuff your girl wants
tried it once now she tryna use her back to front
wayback to front since all about the dro buns
couldn't have a more blunted mouth if I had no tongue
the welsh wigger bringing funk like imported skunk
trading shots with punks and trading cash for dunts
I spit fire but my lips are never ashy
clash with me, I school rappers if they try to outclass me
wanna know why they call me the red dragon? ask me
the iron lion king, herbidacious like Parsley
man of many faces, they call me Mick Foley
ya know in any undertaking cages can't hold me
these wanker's talent's got more cracks than adobe suites
I don't even know how they find MCs to rap on beats
with them, my beats like my bitches, they like how I'm treating them
couldn't come away sounding higher if toking helium
got that touch of delirium, inherited that from my fam
I stepped off the bench and smashed it out the park; sixth man
I'm sick and, I'm the medicine, that Glasgow west end denizen
we put Mackintosh on Benjamins
hundred pound notes, that's not how we roll
TA the superheroes of subzero
cash strapped but never a twat, I save noise for tracks
this lost boy's back, I kept the crew intact
got an album dropping this summer, you should cop that
you can't top that top cat tongue acrobat